You seem them walking by but you're to scared or nervous to say anything as you feel butterflies in your stomach with a slight blush around him , you just can't help but fall in love with him/her but how do you know if you are actually in love with them what if it is isn't a crush but just something else?

Signs You're In Love

1. Reading His/Her Texts Over and Over

You could have his/her numbers and text a lot.You could get bored and read their texts to you , which could causes you to blush and maybe think about times together which could cause more interest him/her about be together more then friends possibly.

2.It's Impossible To Stay Mad At Him/Her

They could be doing something you don't like or break something valuable of yours.Yet you could feel anger bubbling inside of you , it's just hard to stay mad at them for a minute or two! It's easy to be mad at other while you never could mad at him/her.

3.You Walk Really Slow With Him

It's easy to tell pace with others , friends or best friends you would walk really fast or possible sprint with them but with crushes you would walk really slow to be spending more time with them and you would want to spend more time with them.Even if it is just him/her talking most of the walk , it could be just to see their smile or hear their wonderful , cheerful voice all over again.

4.The Sound Of Their Voice Makes You Smile

You love when they laugh , state a fact or just when they are talking about well anything!Hearing their voice just talking to you will make you smile as you could feel your heart beating faster then usually as he/she talks too you with butterflies all over your stomach