There always be a lover for you

First time in love can be tricky , and hard to handle your feeling for each other you can start out as crushes . and as soon you confirm your feelings for each other then you turn in to a true love but when you fall in love it changes everything about your life , it makes you into another person.But dealing with first love can be good or lead to issues like you would Break Up or he/she might be Cheating on you.The good part is you have someone who will be still there for you if you need someone to be there for you when your lost with no one to be there for you.

The Prombelms Edit

Most prombelms of having a the first chance in love usally will happen to most people since he/she might been Cheating on you which could happen if you may been uncareful who you were in love with , or he/she could've been a player/Man eater so he/she could been a heartbreaker for everyone.Or maybe you guys weren't perfect for each other.