These are the guidelines for chat.


Spamming is posting the same thing over and over again. It can freeze users browsers, if you spam you will get a warning before being kicked.


If you any of the above you will be warned before being kicked or banned. Do not post any inappropriate links on chat and if what you say/do is hurtful or serious, you will be banned.

Creeping out users 

Please do not creep out any users, this includes, making them feel uncomfortable and you could be flirting with them or asking for personal information. If you creep out another user you will be warned, then if you carry on you will be either kicked or banned, this depends on what you did. 


Sockpuppeting will not be tolerated, if you are banned from chat and try to go on another account, you will be banned permanelty if there is evidence only. 

If you do break any of the above rules will be banned/warned/kicked.