Relationships, they're compicated, things don't always go well, sometimes they do, they all go through challenges though. It's a comitment. Being in a relationship isn't just being with the person you like/love, there's much more to that, trust, care, love and again, comitment. Going public, being talk about, secrets and rumours. 

A good relationshipEdit

To be in a good relationship, it has to be steady, you have to be honest and comitment. To mantain a healthy relationship, there's got to be trust, honestly, comitment, love. 

A bad relationshipEdit

We all have these. Unfortuantely, cheating, being dishonest, secrets happen. Secrets are fine, in some cases, but tell them everything. If they cheat, it means they never truly loved you. Heartbreak, frustration, confusion, hurt, all that happens. You're not the only one, trust me.


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